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Foundation Course
1. Principles and Practice of Accounting
2. Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting
Section A: Business Laws
Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting Business
3. Mathematics and Logical Reasoning &Statistics
Part I: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
Part II: Statistics
4.Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge
Part I: Business Economics
Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge

Intermediate Course - Group I
1. Accounting
2. Corporate & Other Laws
Part I: Company Law
Part II: Other Laws
3. Cost and Management Accounting
4: Taxation
Section A: Income-tax Law
Section B: Indirect Taxes

Group II
5: Advanced Accounting
6: Auditing and Assurance
7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
Section A: Enterprise Information Systems
Section B: Strategic Management
8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance
Section A: Financial Management
Section B: Economics for Finance

Final Course
Group I
1: Financial Reporting
2: Strategic Financial Management
3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
4: Corporate and Economic Laws
Part I: Corporate Laws
Part II: Economic Laws

Group II
5: Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
6: Elective Paper (One to be chosen from the list of Elective Papers) List of Elective
A Risk Management
B Financial Services & Capital Markets 6C International Taxation
6D Economic Laws
6E Global Financial Reporting Standards
6F Multi-disciplinary Case Study
7: Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
Part I: Direct Tax Laws
Part II: International Taxation
8: Indirect Tax Laws
Part I: Goods and Services Tax
Part II: Customs & FTP